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“The walrus, also called the morse, seahorse, and sea cow, is now confined to the regions within the Arctic Circle, though its extinct ancestors had a much wider geographical range. It is a large carnivorous marine mammal, ordinarily from 10 to 12 feet long, with a girth of nearly as much; it is said that it sometimes attains a length of 20 feet; muzzle abruptly truncated, with long and remarkably strong, bristly, moustaches, small eyes; external ear wanting, though the orifice is distinctly visible; body large and sack-like, tapering toward the tail; hind limbs short, connected by a membrane which covers the tail, fore limbs strong and stumpy, all with five digits. The hide is of a tawny brown color, with difficulty penetrated by bullets, and has been likened to a tough flexible coat of mail. The upper canines are developed in adults of both sexes into immense tusks, each from 15 inches to two feet long and weighing 10 pounds and upward."—(Charles Leonard-Stuart, 1911)


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