Nest of Reed Warbler

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“Warbler is a popular name often applied to well-known singing birds of northern climes, whose notes are heard in wood, and hedge, and orchard, many of which commonly receive other popular names, as the blackcap, nightingale, hedgesparrow, redbreast, redstart, stonechat, wheatear, whitethroat, etc., while many receive the name warbler with some adjunct– reed warbler, etc. The more typical genera comprise birds of small size and plain plumage, usually alike in both sexes; most of them are migratory, going a long way S. of their breeding haunts to winter. Numerous species of warblers are found in North America, as suburban and country residents know, when the sunshine of May ushers in the summertime. They are birds of brighter plumage than the Old World warblers, but resemble them in their habits, and are also migrants."—(Charles Leonard-Stuart, 1911)


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