Badge of the Loyal Legion

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“The Military Order of the Loyal Legion is the first society formed by officers honorably discharged from the service of the United States in the Civil War. On the day after the assassination of President Lincoln, Col. S. B. Wylie Mitchell, Capt. Peter D. Keyser, M. D., and Lieut.-Col. T. Ellwood Zell met in Philadelphia to arrange for a meeting of ex-officers of the army and navy to adopt resolutions relative to the death of President Lincoln. It was decided to effect a permanent organization, and an adjourned meeting was held for this purpose in Philadelphia, May 3, 1865. Total membership of its three classes, over 8,500."—(Charles Leonard-Stuart, 1911)


Everybody's Cyclopedia (New York, NY: Syndicate Publishing Company, 1912)


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