Sling the Monkey

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“Sling the Monkey is a capital game, and can be played anywhere where there are trees. One player who is chosen by lot, takes the part of Monkey, and is fastened to a tolerably high branch of a tree by a strong cord knotted in a ‘bowline’ loop and passed round his waist. the other players now baste the monkey with knotted handkerchiefs, and he armed in like manner, endeavors to realiate. If he succeeds in striking one of them, he is at once released, and the other takes his place as monkey. He must make haste in doing it, or he may be basted until he is fairly in the loop. With players who don’t mind a little buffeting this game becomes exceedingly lively: and active monkey is very different to approach with safety, and, of course, gives much more life to the game. The cord should be just long enough to enable the monkey to reach the ground comfortably under the branch. Half the fun of the game lies in actual slinging of the monkey, one of whose most effective ruses is to throw himself forward on the rope, preend to start off in one direction, and then come back with a swing in the other. The branch to which the cord is attached should be of some considerable height from the ground, or there will not be play enough in the rope; and it need scarcely be impressed upon the reader tha both rope and branch must be strong enough to bear the strain put upon them by the weight and movements of the monkey.” — Thomas Sheppard Meek


Thomas Sheppard Meek, The Home Library of Entertainment Instruction and Amusement307


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