Lawn Cupolette

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“This game is played by means of seven pins, made so that they may either be driven into the ground or fixed on a board. Each pin is numbered, from one to seven. There is a slight cup at the top of the pins. In each cup is placed a small ball or marble. To play the game, six of the pins are fixed in a circle, with the seventh in the middle; and the players, standing at a given distance, take the wooden quoits with which they try to knock the balls out of the cups. Before playing, they must name the pin at which they aim, and if they strike off the ball belonging to any other pin, the score goes to the adversary. If, however, he knocks off the ball at which he aims, and by the same throw strikes off one or more besides, he may score them all. in another version of the game, if the player can strike off the seven balls and have one or more quoits to spare, he may try to throw the quoits so as to fall upon the pins, and for every case in which he succeeds he adds the number of the pin to his score."— Thomas Sheppard Meek


Dual Sports


Thomas Sheppard Meek, The Home Library of Entertainment Instruction and Amusement319


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