Parlor Ringolette

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“This game, as seen from the illustration, is played with pegs which can be fastened firmly into a bard, and with a corresponding number of wooden rings or quoits. When the pegs are set in their places, the first player takes the quoits and, standing at a specified distance, endeavors to throw the rings over the pegs. for every ring that fairly encircles a peg the thrower scores the number which is attached to the peg; but should more than one ring fall on the same peg, the score goes to the opponent. In this, as in all games where a ring has to be thrown, the ring should be held just like a quoit, so that a spin may be communicated to it and make it fly steadily to its mark. Rules: 1) The game of Ringolette is adapted for two or more players. 2) The first player being decided upon, he places the board in the centre of the table, and standing about three feet or more from the board, commences his play. 3) Each player takes the eight rings, and plays by pitching the rings on the pegs. 4) Each ring that is fairly on the pegs counts according to the number indicated on the board. 5) Should a player place more than one ring on each peg, it scores to the opposition. 6) Three-score and one is a medium game; five-score and one a long game. These rules may be modified by agreement among the players, but not otherwise."— Thomas Sheppard Meek


Thomas Sheppard Meek, The Home Library of Entertainment Instruction and Amusement319


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