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“A vessel of any material, round and plain, and having a wide mouth: a pot; a jar. The following woodcut is taken from a vase in the British Museum which was found at Canino in Etruria. The painting upon it represents the story of Medea boiling an old ram wih a view to persuade the daughters of Pelias to put him to death. The pot has a round bottom, and is supported by a tripod, under which is a large fire. the ram, restored to youth, is just in the act of leaping out of the pot. instead of being supported by a seperate tripod, the vessel was sometimes made with the feet all in one piece.” — Smith, 1873


jar, vase, pot, Olla


Greek Vases


William Smith, A School Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1873) 229


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