Franks Crossing the Rhine to Establish Themselves on the West Bank as Allies of Rome

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A group of Franks, mainly men with a couple of women and children, cross the Rhine River on a wooden raft. Two men strain at the large oars on the front and another can be seen working an oar in the back. Several men have spears and two are pointing into the distance in front of them. Another raft can be seen just behind them (right), while a third is shown far away in the distance. Large cliffs rise in the background. The Romans were resettling the Franks near to their borders so they could be controlled.


Samuel Bannister Harding, Ph.D., Assisted by Margaret Snodgrass, A.M. The Story of Europe: From the Times of the Ancient Greeks to the Colonization of America, An Elementary History for the Sixth Grade, Based Upon the Report of the Committee of Eight to the American Historical Association (Chicago, IL: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1912) 129


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