Falconry as Practiced by a Noblewoman of the Middle Ages on Horseback

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A high-born, noblewoman rides a stallion while holding a falcon perched on her right hand. She is wearing a falconry glove and holds the horses reins in her left hand. She is wearing the traditional dress for the upper class during the late Middle Ages, or Medieval period, including a piece of fabric wrapped over her head and down around her neck. The ends of the fabric fly out over her shoulders as she rides. Only the front hooves of the horse are visible. A man on horseback follows her in the background.


Samuel Bannister Harding, Ph.D., Assisted by Margaret Snodgrass, A.M. The Story of Europe: From the Times of the Ancient Greeks to the Colonization of America, An Elementary History for the Sixth Grade, Based Upon the Report of the Committee of Eight to the American Historical Association (Chicago, IL: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1912) 187


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