Vehicle on hill

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“A loaded vehicle is represented as crossing the side of a hill, which has been raised one wheel above the level of the other wheel, so as to incline the body of the vehicle very considerably from the horizontal. The centre of gravity is represented in two different positions; a lower one with th eline of direction L C, and a higher one with the line of direction U C. If there had been no load upon the vehicle, the line of direction would have remained at L C; and as it falls within the wheel, or base, the vehicle would have maintained its balance. But if the wagon had been laden, the centre of gravity would have been raised, and, the line of direction U C consequently falling without the wheel, the vehicle must overturn.” — Goodrich, 1844


S. G. Goodrich A Glance at the Physical Sciences (Boston: Bradbury, Soden, & Co., 1844) 73


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