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This illustration shows the structure of capsule of Funaria: 5, capsule with calyptra, 5A, removed. 6, section of nearly mature capsule-sp, spore-forming cells surrounded on outside by loosely arranged chlorophyll-bearing cells; o, operculum; r, annulus; p, peristome; a, apophysis. 8, magnified view of a portion of the capsule, showing the annulus, r, and the thick-walled cells of the peristome, p, which are attached at their base to the epidermis by a double row of cells; sp, spore-forming cells, the doted line should run to the four roundish cells at the left. 7, the cells shown in 8, p, have split apart, thus orming the inner and outer teeth-like segments of the peristome.


Carlton C. Curtis, Nature and Development of Plants (New York: Henry Holt Company) 307


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