Bower Anchor

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“A, is the cathead; B, the fish davit; C, and E, bollards; D, the bill-board. The anchor is held in place by two chains, a and b, termed the cat-stopper and shank vainter respectively, each of which is fitted with a long link at one end. A bolt b, about 5 or 6 inches long, is fixed on the side of the cathead, on a hinge at its lower end; it is held in the upright position by another bolt c, which passes through the cathead, and is worked by a lever d; d is provided with a hole at the end for a lanyard, so that two or three men can pull it. This whole arrangement is termed a slip-stopper. A somewhat similar combination of bolts and levers is fitted close tot he bill-board D, e being a short bolt secured at its lower end with a hinge to the ship’s side; and f a hooked lever which holds it in its upright position; f has a socket at its inboard end, to which a shifting arm, provided with a lanyard like the lever d, is fitted.” — Encyclopedia Britanica, 1893




The Encyclopedia Britannica, New Warner Edition (New York, NY: The Werner Company, 1893)


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