Glass Cutter

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“In the arrangement of the flattening and annealing ovens numerous improvements have been effected, which have resulted in greatly increased smoothness and uniformity of the glass, and in considerable economy of time and labor in the operations. This shows a section of a flattening (L) and annealing kiln (M) in common use. The split cylinder O is introduced and gradually pushed forward so as to be uniformly heated till it reaches P, the flattening stone or table, mounted on a movable waggon N. On this waggon after it has been flattened it is carried into the annealing arch M, as shown by the dotted outline. Here in a less heat is graually stiffens, till it is ready to be moved by a forked tool to a horizontal position on the bed of the annealing oven.” — Encyclopedia Britannica, 1893




The Encyclopedia Britannica, New Warner Edition (New York, NY: The Werner Company, 1893)


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