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“The sacred name of the founder of Buddhism, an Indian sage who appears to have lived in the 5th century B.C. His personal name was Siddhartha, and his family name Gautama; and he is often called also Sakya-muni. His father was the king of Kapilavastu, a few days’ journey north of Benares. Siddhartha, filled with a deep compassion for the human race, left his father’s court, and lived for years in solitude and contemplation till he had penetrated the mysteries of life and become the Buddha. He then began to teach his new faith, in opposition to the prevailing Brahmanism, commencing at Benares. Among his earliest converts where the monarchs of Magadha and Kosala, in whose kingdoms he chiefly passed the latter portion of his life, respected, honored, and protected.” — Winston’s Encyclopedia, 1919




Editor in Chief Charles Morris Winston's Cumulative Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia (Philadelphia, PA: The John C. Winston Company, 1918)


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