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“A verticle section of one form of blast-furnace is represented [here]. the crucible (C) is the part of the furnace in which the molten matte and slag collect. The body of the furnace consists of two concentric shells (cs), made either of wrought iron or of steel, between which cold water (W) is caused to circulate to precent the inner shell becoming heated...Pipes called tuyeres (T) enter the furnace a short distance above the hearth...Above the body of the furnace extend the hood (H) and the stack (S). A door (D), used in charging the furnace, is placed in the hood.” -Brownlee 1907


furnace, Blast, matte


Brownlee, Raymond B., Fuller, Robert W., Hancock, William J., Sohon, Michael D., Whitsit, Jesee E. First Principles of Chemistry (Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1907) 293


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