Bones and Ligaments of the Hand

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Bones and ligaments of the hand. There are 27 bones in all, including 8 small bones called the carpal bones (d). These are tightly packed together, and lie next to the bones of the forearm. The metacarpal bones (e) make the framework of the flat part of the hand and are very much like the first row of the bones of the fingers (f) but they are firmly bound together by ligaments. Ligaments (d d) bind the metacarpal bones together at their beginning and other ligaments bind them at their ends (e e) where the bones of the fingers are jointed with them. Other ligaments bind the carpal bones together (a,b,c,g).


Hooker, Worthington First Book in Physiology For the Use of Schools and Families (New York: Sheldon and Company, 1867) 124


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