Rattlesnake Skull

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“A, lateral view of skull of rattlesnake (Crotalus). B. O, basi-occipital; B. S, basi-sphenoid; E. O, exoccipital; F. O, fossa ovalis; La, conjoined lacrymal and pre-fontal; L. f, articulation between lacrymal and frontal; Mn, mandible; Mx, maxilla; Na, nasal; Pl, palatine; Pmx, pre-maxilla; P. Sph, pre-sphenoid; Pt, pterygoid; Qu, quadrate; Sq, squamosal; II. V, foramina of exit of the second and fifth cranial nerves. B, transverse section at point lettered B in Fig. .A; T, trabeculae.” -Parker, 1900


Parker, T. Jeffrey A Manual of Zoology (New York, NY: The MacMillan Company, 1900)


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