Bouquet holder

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“Bunch together seven fine, strong seed-grass stalks and tie just below the blossoms, with the root-end of you long-blade grass. The stems of the seed-grasses are the spokes, the long grass the weaver. Turn the blossoms-end down, the stems-ends up, and close to where it is tied, begin to weave the long grass in and out, under one spoke, over the next, under the third, over the fourth, going around and around spirally until the end of the weaver is reached, then tie it to one of the spokes. Keep forcing the spokes farther and farther apart as you weave until the holder is shaped like a cone.” -Beard, 1906


Lina Beard, Adelia B. Beard Recreations for Girls (New York: Charles Scribers Sons, 1906) 58


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