Vertical Cane Mill

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“The accompanying engraving is an illustration of a new style vertical mill in which an attempt is made to embody all the improvements which have been suggested by experience, and to furnish a complete vertical cane mill. In this machine the hearing is placed between the rolls, giving access to the boxes; the small wheels are lapped, bringing the minor rolls close together, and dispensing with the guide plate or ‘dumb returner;’ the main roll has a wide flange; the sweep cap has a square eye fitted to the squared end of the main shaft removable by hand; the weight of the rolls is supported upon the ends of the shafts in adjustable oil-tight boxes; the feed roll is fluted to facilitate the entrance of the cane to the mill; the top and bottom plates are diagonally braced as represent, and the construction of the whole machine is such that the mill may be taken entirely apart by simply unscrewing the corner bolts, no keys being used in any part of the machine.” -Commissioner, 1865


Commissioner of Agriculture Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the year 1864 (Washington D.C.: Government printing office, 1865) 71


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