Henry VI of England

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Henry was the only child and heir of King Henry V of England and therefore great things were expected of him from birth. He was born on 6 December 1421 at Windsor, and succeeded to the throne at the age of eight months on 31 August 1422, when his father died. His mother, Catherine of Valois, was then only 20 years old and as the daughter of King Charles VI of France was viewed with considerable suspicion and prevented from having a full role in her son’s upbringing. Henry was eventually crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey on 6 November 1429 a month before his eighth birthday, and King of France at Notre Dame in Paris on 16 December 1431. However, he did not assume the reins of government until he was declared of age in 1437—the year in which his mother died.


James Hunter Young People's History of the World (Chicago, IL: The International Publishing Company, 1897)


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