Peter Jan Beckx

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Peter Jan Beckx (February 8, 1795, Sichem, Belgium - March 4, 1887, Rome, Italy) was a Belgian Jesuit, elected 22nd Superior-General of the Society of Jesus. The Duke and Duchess of Anhalt-Köthen converted to Catholicism in 1825 and asked for a Jesuit chaplain. Beckx was appointed to this duty, and went to live in Köthen. By giving classes to children in his own house, building a little church and organizing spiritual activities he brought many people back to the Catholic faith. By 1883 - 88 years old and already 30 in office — Peter Beckx was an infirm. On his own accord he called a General Congregation in order that a ‘Vicar General with rights of succession’ be given him. General Congregation XXIII met in 1883, in Rome, and the 24 September Anton Anderledy, a Swiss Jesuit priest, was elected. Beckx, though remaining in title the ‘Superior General’ in effect abdicated his charge entirely. He died four years later at the age of ninety-two.


Harper's New Monthly Magazine (New York, NY: Harper & Brothers, 1871)


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