Ruins of Kelso Abbey

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Kelso Abbey is a Scottish abbey built in the 12th century by a community of Tironensian monks who had moved from the nearby Selkirk Abbey. The monks constructed the Abbey on land granted to them by King David I. The construction commenced in 1128, and when completed fifteen years later, in 1143, it was dedicated to The Blessed Virgin and Saint John. The importance of the Abbey at that time was shown when King James III of Scotland was crowned at the Abbey in 1460. However, the Abbey’s proximity to the border with England led to it suffering damage from cross-border raids. It was first damaged in the Anglo-Scottish wars at the start of the 1300s, but was later repaired by the monks.


Rev. C. Arthur Lane Illustrated Notes on English Church History (London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1901)


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