Morgan Dix

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Morgan Dix (born November 1, 1827 in New York City; died April 29, 1908) was an American priest, “divine” (a theologian) and religious author. The son of John A. Dix and Catherine Morgan, he was educated at Columbia College and the General Theological Seminary. For almost fifty-three years, he was identified with Trinity Church, New York, of which he became assistant minister in 1855 and rector in 1862. As well as being a very active churchman, Dix also wrote widely about the practice of Christianity. Among his major works are Commentaries on Romans and on Galatians and Colossians; The Calling of a Christian Woman; The Seven Deadly Sins; The Sacramental System; and Lectures on the First Prayer-Book of Edward VI.


J. G. Holland, ed. Scribner's Monthly, An illustrated Magazine For the People (New York, NY: Scribner and Company, 1876)


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