Oblong Leaf-Winged Grasshopper

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Grasshoppers are herbivorous insects of the suborder Ceasefire in the order Orthoptera. To distinguish them from bush crickets or katydids, they are sometimes referred to as short-horned grasshoppers. Species that change color and behavior at high population densities are called locusts. Recent estimates (Kevan 1982; Günther, 1980, 1992; Otte 1994-1995; subsequent literature) indicate some 2,400 valid Caeliferan genera and about 11,000 valid species described to date. Many undescribed species exist, especially in tropical wet forests.


J. G. Holland, ed. Scribner's Monthly, An illustrated Magazine For the People (New York, NY: Scribner and Company, 1876)


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