Cocoanut Palm Spadix

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An illustration of a cocoanut palm’s spadix. In botany, a spadix (pl. spadices) is a type of spike: an inflorescence with small flowers crowded on a thickened, fleshy axis. The term is applied to certain monocotyledons, especially members of the Family Araceae called arums or aroids. In these flower heads there is typically also a spathe (from Ancient Greek spathe “broad blade") present: a large, usually showy and solitary, bract that either subtends (lies just below) or partially encloses the spadix. The “flower” of the anthurium is a typical spadix with a large colorful spathe.


Trees: C


L. Brent Vaughan Hill's Practical Reference Library Volume II (NewYork, NY: Dixon, Hanson and Company, 1906)


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