Old Fort Frederick at Pemmaquid

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During Dummer’s War, the location was a rendezvous for returned inhabitants of Pemaquid and vicinity. Colonel David Dunbar, Surveyor-General of the King’s Woods, rebuilt the fort in 1729–1730, renaming it Fort Frederick. He renamed the town Harrington after the Earl of Harrington, who had helped arrange the 1729 Treaty of Seville. Fort Frederick withstood two attacks in 1747, but in 1759 was decommissioned at the end of the French and Indian Wars. In 1775, the town dismantled the fort to prevent it from becoming a British stronghold during the Revolutionary War.


Benson John Lossing, ed. Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (vol. 10) (New York, NY: Harper and Brothers, 1912)


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