Wood Mower

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The Walter A. Wood Mowing and Reaping Machine Co. manufactured this reaper. By 1860 he had an improved mower and a new combined mower - reaper. He soon decided the combination machine wasn’t as good a mower as his separate mower. The mower version of the combined machine was sold as a separate mowing attachment to the reaper. This increased its cost to near that of the separate mower while providing a “combined” machine for those who insisted in buying one. The reaper was improved and became the chain-rake reaper – an early machine that no longer needed a second operator to rake the grain from the platform. Wood had all the patents for this early one-man machine, and was able to sell a license for the reaper and the improved mower to Hart Massey for sale in Canada.


Flint, Charles L. Grasses and Forage Plants (Boston, MA: William F. Gill & Company, 1874)


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