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A chaise, sometimes called chay or shay, was a formerly popular, light two- or four-wheeled traveling or pleasure carriage, usually of a chair-backed type, with a movable hood or calash top. The name came from the French for chair, through a transference from a sedan-chair to a wheeled vehicle. The two-wheeled version, for one or two persons, also called a gig or one-horse shay, had a body hung on leather straps or thorough-braces and was usually drawn by one horse; a light chaise having two seats was a double chair . The four-wheeled pleasure carriage type was similar. The term chaise was also used for any light carriage or pleasure cart.


Cook, Thomas & Son Cook's Handbook to Norway: With the Principal Routes to Sweden and Denmark Etc. (London, England: Ludgate Circus, 1901)


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