From the Right Bank of the Potomac

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“One day there came marching into camp a regiment from Virginia, from the beautiful valley of the Shenandoah. It was commanded by Daniel Morgan. The men wore frocks trimmed with fur, and fur caps ornamented with buck-tails. On their breasts were the words uttered by Patrick Henry in the House of Burgesses in Virginia, ‘Liberty or Death!’ They were armed with rifles, and had marched all the weary way from beyond the Potomac, to have a hand in driving the British out of Boston. General Washington was riding out to inspect the intrenchments, and met the brave riflemen. General Morgan saluted the commander-in-chief. ‘From the right bank of the Potomac, general!’"—Coffin, 1879


Coffin, Charles Carelton The Boys of '76 (Franklin Square, NY: Harper & Brothers, 1879)


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