Evacuation of Corinth

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Evacuation of Corinth, Mississippi- Confederate fortifications, from the northern angle, looking south- pursuit of the retreating Confederates by the Federal Cavalry under General Smith. The details of the evacuation of Corinth, by Beauregard, beyond those contained in the official reports of General Halleck, were that Beauregard’s force did not exceed 60,000 men. Nobody was left in town except women and children and old men; everything was taken away except a few provisions, which were burned. They did not leave a single gun, and had been moving their stores for two weeks, and their troops for six days. Their fortifications were five miles long, extending from the Memphis and Charleston to the Mobile and Ohio Roads. But they were much weaker than supposed. They could have been carried by storm at any time.


Frank Leslie Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War (New York, NY: Mrs. Frank Leslie, 1896)


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