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The Greyhound as a show dog is judged as follows: height and weight, ranging from 23 to 27 in. and from 40 to 70 lbs.; skull rather wide between the ears and flat on the top, with powerful, though not clumsy, jaws, and very strong teeth; eyes dark in color, and full of fire; ears rather small, and fine in texture; neck long and powerful (to enable it to reach the hare) yet graceful looking; chest of fair width, and very deep; body rather long, extremely powerful, especially at the loins, and slightly arched -- the back ribs being short, make the body appear tucked up; shoulders sloping; fore legs set in well under the dog, straight and powerful, with round, compact feet, the knuckles of the toes being well developed; hind quarters very powerful, with muscular thighs and well-bent stifles; tail long, and carried low; colors black, red, fawn, brindled, blue, white, either whole-colored or marked.


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