Arts: Dance

Lesson Plans 3-5

Ballerina Gallery Links
Links to web sites about ballet.
A search tool for lesson plans and resources related to the arts and interdisciplinary lessons.
Rhythmic Movement Dance Series
Dancer, educator, choreographer Susan Kramer presents texts for pre-k-20 showing progressive techniques and lesson plans in rhythmic dance and ballet in HTML and PDF formats. Texts written to include the U.S. National Standards for Arts Education in dance.
TeachersFirst is a web resource for K-12 classroom teachers who want useful resources and lesson plans to use with their students. TeachersFirst is a division of Network for Instructional TV, Inc., a not-for-profit learning technologies corporation which works with hundreds of schools throughout the United States. TeachersFirst is a free service; support is provided by corporate underwriters interested in encouraging improvements in the quality of American education.
ThinkQuest - Arts and Entertainment
The library contains unique educational web sites that have been created through ThinkQuest competitions and programs. The library currently contains more than 5,000 web sites to search and surf. Built by kids for kids to use and learn. It is also a great place to get ideas for your own project in one of our many programs around the world.