2010-11 Charting a Course

2010 Title II-D/Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) Grant Program, Request for Proposals (RFP) – Charting a Course for the Digital Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Classroom

The “Charting a Course for the Digital Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Classroom (STEM)” initiative is designed to address specific instructional, training, planning, and technology resource needs. Projects funded through this competition will:

  1. ensure student development of critical thinking skills through alignment of technology-supported instructional activities with Next Generation Sunshine State Standards;
  2. expand intensive teacher technology integration professional development through the Florida Digital Educator program;
  3. strengthen student content and digital literacy through challenging, engaging, and collaborative learning activities with a focus on science;
  4. extend learning beyond the classroom day through increased student use of laptops and mobile personal learning devices;
  5. expand teacher and administrator EETT program involvement in schools serving especially challenging student populations;
  6. assist Florida school districts in preparing for computer-based assessments; and
  7. support implementation of Florida’s Technology Plan.

Charting a Course for the Digital (STEM) Classroom: Research and Evaluation Report, October 2011 [PDF]

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