Action Research for Technology Integration

What is Action Research?


Action research (or teacher inquiry) is a means for teachers to study the effects of their teaching practices on student learning. The advantage is that action research can lead to heightened professionalism and positive educational change. The inherent disadvantage of action research is that findings are rarely shared or tested beyond one classroom. ARTI overcomes this concern by leading many teachers through a structured research process and aggregating the findings from hundreds of classrooms. ARTI also ensures that individual findings are evidence based, by collecting teacher and student artifacts, which are then rated by independent, trained evaluators.

ARTI serves as an electronic mentor to guide teachers through the AR process. ARTI also collects data and supporting artifacts from each research project. Powerful data manipulation and reporting capabilities allow researchers to efficiently report findings to schools and districts. Teachers may participate in multiple AR cycles.

Please see the ARTI flowchart for an overview of a typical AR cycle.

The Action Research for Technology Integration (ARTI) tool is now available to schools and districts as a part of the TIM-Tools suite along with the Technology Uses and Perceptions Survey (TUPS) and the Technology Integration Matrix Observation Tool (TIM-O).

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