Master Digital Educator News

Master Digital Educators Presenting at FETC 2010

Theresa Carpenter, Lynn Parker, David Schnieder, David Futch, Lee Kolbert, Christopher Nitti, Kristie Taylor , Nancy Kuznicki

Tony Dutra
Teacher, Hallandale Adult Community Center
2010 Teacher of the Year for Broward County
Norma Jennings
Instructional Technology Teacher, Escambia County
President - Florida Association for Comupter Educators (FACE)
Angela Amos
Teacher, Lee County
National Presenter at Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference 2009
Terri Friedlander
Academy Director, Brevard County
Brevard Schools Foundation Grant Recipient 2009
Cocoa Beach Elks Club Grant Recipient 2009
Lockheed Martin Grant Recipient 2009
Jeanne Rogers
Instructional Technology Specialist; Pasco
Google Certified Teacher
Crystal Gasell
Integration Technology Coach; Cherry Creek School District, Colorado
Google Certified Teachers 2009
Kathy Hobbs
Technology Specialist; Southside Elementary, Bradford County
Apple Distinguished Educator 2009
Kathy Van Vleet
Francis Marion Military Academy
VFW Teacher of the Year 2009
Wendy Drexler
Instructional Technologist, Shorecrest Preparatory School
2008/2009 National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Teacher of the Future
Tony Dutra
Teacher, Broward County
Broward Schools Teacher of the Year 2009

MDEs receive Interactive Whiteboards

FDE Institute 5

Ten MDEs received eno interactive white boards, projectors, and stands with sound systems from Polyvision, Epson and CDW-G. MDEs Ann Smith, Lynn Parker, Kathleen Schofield, Bev Cameron, Kathy Hobbs, Cheryl Woolwine, James Welsh, Lee Kolbert, Adam Wolford, and David Futch were selected from the newly recognized class of MDEs. The MDEs will develop digital content and research best practices on the use of this interactive systems.

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