Technical Assistance

Types of Technical Assistance we offer Florida school districts through the EETT Technical Assistance Grant for 2009-2010

  1. Basic Integration of Technology Workshops.
  2. Training and Support on the Technology Tools Provided through the State of Florida
    1. Technology Integration Matrix
    2. Inventory of Teacher Technology Skills
    3. Student Tool for Technology Literacy
    4. Readiness Gauge
  3. Moodle Installation and Training
  4. Grant Writing Assistance
  5. Assist with District Technology Planning
    1. Consult on integration strategies
    2. Hardware and software purchasing
    3. Professional Development Planning
  6. Support Partnerships with Districts and Vendors
  7. Provide Training and Support to the Master Digital Educators
  8. Technical Support for Synchronous online meetings and/or trainings.
  9. Develop Online Courses Through Moodle
  10. Provide Guidance to State and Local Educational Technology Organizations.

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