MDE Description of Training

FDE Institute 4

MDE receive extensive training to keep them up to date and current on various topics related to teaching and learning.

Statewide Master Digital Educators

FDE Statewide Master Digital Educators are trained by program staff with a focus on technology integration, project based learning, action research and large scale professional development for statewide impact. MDEs also participate in statewide research initiatives and the creation, production and evaluation of digital media assets and technologies. Additionally, they participate in local, state, regional and national advocacy through conferences and organizations/associations. Statewide MDEs are will have exposure to innovative ideas, concepts, research and technology from a statewide perspective.

District Master Digital Educators

FDE District Master Digital Educators are trained by program staff with a focus on technology integration, technology technical support and professional development at the district level. They will also have the opportunity to create, produce and evaluate digital media assets and technologies. District MDEs can communicate and collaborate with statewide and other district MDEs through discussion forums and will be able to participate in occasional statewide surveys and projects. Training will be primarily online. Attendance at a four day advanced institute, offered during the summer, is a major part of this professional development program. The advanced institute focuses on the use of digital tools, creativity, collaborative learning, building personal learning networks, mentoring, lesson plans, podcasting, and technology integration so participants get hands-on practical experiences. Face to face training will take place on June 20-23, 2011 at one of the four regional institutes.

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