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Grades 3-5

Physical Education Literacy

  • Standard 1: The student demonstrates competency in many movement forms and proficiency in a few forms of physical activity. (PE.A.1.2)
    1. knows various techniques for throwing or catching different objects. (PE.A.1.2.1)
    2. knows how to design and modify sequences that show changes in direction and speed. (PE.A.1.2.2)
    3. knows how to demonstrate functional patterns of striking, dribbling, volleying, throwing, and catching in dynamic situations. (PE.A.1.2.3)
    4. understands that games consist of people, boundaries, equipment, purpose, and rules which all interrelate during game play. (PE.A.1.2.4)
    5. knows how to create, explore, and devise game strategies. (PE.A.1.2.5)
  • Standard 2: The student applies concepts and principles of human movement to the development of motor skills and the learning of new skills. (PE.A.2.2)
    1. recognizes the proper techniques of performing an overhand throw. (PE.A.2.2.1)
    2. understands and applies basic movement concepts (e.g., space awareness, body awareness, and transfer of weight) to games, dance, and gymnastics. (PE.A.2.2.2)
    3. knows the reasons that appropriate practice improves performance. (PE.A.2.2.3)
  • Standard 3: The student analyzes the benefits of regular participation in physical activity. (PE.A.3.2)
    1. describes healthful benefits that result from regular participation in vigorous physical activity. (PE.A.3.2.1)
    2. understands how a healthy body contributes to positive self-concepts. (PE.A.3.2.2)
    3. knows the opportunities in the school and community for regular participation in physical activity. (PE.A.3.2.3)
    4. selects and participates regularly in physical activities for the purpose of improving skill and health. (PE.A.3.2.4)

Responsible Physical Activity Behaviors

  • Standard 1: The student achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. (PE.B.1.2)
    1. knows how to maintain continuous aerobic activity for a specified period of time in order to improve endurance. (PE.B.1.2.1)
    2. knows activities that promote a faster heart rate. (PE.B.1.2.2)
    3. knows how proper stretching increases flexibility and understands why flexibility is important. (PE.B.1.2.3)
    4. knows how exercise helps control obesity. (PE.B.1.2.4)
    5. understands that correct body position and proper use of muscles are necessary to improve strength and flexibility. (PE.B.1.2.5)
  • Standard 2: The student demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity. (PE.B.2.2)
    1. knows potential risks associated with physical activities. (PE.B.2.2.1)
    2. applies and follows rules while playing sports and games. (PE.B.2.2.2)
    3. knows the importance of seeking out, participating with, and showing respect for people of like and different physical abilities. (PE.B.2.2.3)

Advocate and Promote Physically Active Lifestyles

  • Standard 1: The student understands how participating in physical activity promotes inclusion and an understanding of the abilities and cultural diversity of people. (PE.C.1.2)
    1. recognizes the differences and similarities in the physical activity choices of others. (PE.C.1.2.1)
    2. knows how to perform games and/or dances from a variety of cultures. (PE.C.1.2.2)
  • Standard 2: The student understands that physical activity provides the opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, selfexpression, and communication. (PE.C.2.2)
    1. identifies physical activities that contribute to personal feelings of joy. (PE.C.2.2.1)
    2. knows the positive benefits of exercising at home. (PE.C.2.2.2)
    3. designs and performs games, gymnastics, and dance sequences that allow for group creativity and discussion. (PE.C.2.2.3)


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