Language Arts

Lesson Plans: 3-5

A Day in the Life
Students will use knowledge and experience to tell about events.
Alien Story
Students will use correct punctuation when writing a conversation.
Animated Cartoons
Students will create an animated iMovie out of pictures created in art class.
Autograph Story
Students will write a narrative essay.
Camera for a Day
Students will observe appropriate behavior in their classmates.
Classmate Grid
Students will use a coordinate grid using information about their classmates.
Classmate Pictograph
Students will make a pictograph using information about their classmates.
Daily Journals
Students will develop their writing skills by writing in their daily journals.
Students will create an expository response in which ideas and details follow an organizational pattern and are relevant to the purpose by writing a report based on their observations and data.
FCAT Survival
Make a presentation to assist students with taking the FCAT test.
Food Chain
Students will use technology to enhance the effectiveness of communication by writing a paragraph describing their food chain using key vocabulary.
Geometric Figures
Students will create an expository response in which ideas and details follow an organizational pattern and are relevant to the purpose by explaining why the item from their environment forms the requested geometric figure and creating a book to share their pictures and information.
Gettysburg Movie
Students will know the causes and important events of the Civil War by reading and depicting the Gettysburg Address.
Interactive Journeys
Students will use technology to enhance their field trip.
Making Books
Students will make their own personal books using iPhoto.
Making Words
Students will develop a definition of transitions by watching a movie and making their own.
Morning News Show
Make a morning news show to be aired live to the student body.
Nike Transitions
Students view a Nike commercial for examples of transitions as used in movies and writing.
Personal Timeline
Students will create a timeline of their own lives.
Poem Movies
Students will develop a sense of imagery by choosing appropriate pictures to go with the poem.
Prior Knowledge
Students will use knowledge of appropriate level vocabulary in reading by building background knowledge of a book through the use of pictures on the web.
Procedure Movies
Students will use details to describe classroom procedures.
Reading Portfolio
Students will identify words and construct meaning from text, illustrations, graphics, and charts using the strategies of phonics, word structure, and context clues.
Roger Recycle
Make a movie which highlights the benefits of recycling aluminum.
Summary Movie
Students will summarize a reading selection by creating an iMovie.
Students will watch the weather each day of the school year and compare weather from each season using Appleworks Spreadsheet.
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