Language Arts

Lesson Plans: PreK-2

A Day in the Life
Students will use knowledge and experience to tell about events.
Color Story
Students will identify the names of colors by changing the words in a word processing document to the appropriate color.
Creating Plants
Students will communicate ideas and information about plants effectively.
Habitat Movies
Students will produce a piece of writing that describes an animal and its habitat.
Interactive Journeys
Students will use technology to enhance their field trip.
Making Words
Student will be able to identify and generate words using the strategies of phonics by using the computer in conjunction with their current word work program.
Nike Transitions
Student will develop a definition of transitions by watching a movie and making their own.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Make a movie which shows how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Pirate Map
Students will write directions explaining how to get from one location to another by using a map of their town.
Plant Journal
Student will use words to describe how organisms change as they grow and mature.
Prior Knowledge
Student will use knowledge of appropriate level vocabulary in reading by building background knowledge of a book through the use of pictures on the web.
Student will match visual attributes by completing puzzles of known objects.
Sensory Details
Students use Kidspiration as a tool to help them make observations and use sensory details in their writing.
Student will sequence familiar daily events.
Shapely People
Students will identify shapes and colors by creating a shape person.
Small Group Reading
Student will use web sites that contain book-like stories for small group reading instruction.
Student/Picture Match Game
Student will use Kidspiration as a tool to help students learn each others' names.
Talking Books
Student will develop their reading skills by reading along with the movie.
Visions of Peace
Make video to help your students learn how others see a world with peace.
Water Conservation
Students will understand how scarcity affects the choices people make about water in everyday situations.
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