The Story of Siegfried

by James Baldwin

The Story of Siegfried

The Story of Siegfried is James Baldwin's retelling of ancient yet perpetually popular Norse and Germanic tales about the hero Siegfried. The stories tell of a young man who had many adventures that readers might find familiar from modern movies and books, such as forging a legendary sword, rescuing a beautiful woman from a deep sleep, fighting dragons and armies, and so forth. Baldwin's sources included the Eddas, the Volsung Saga, and the Nibelungenlied, some of the oldest surviving references to the legends.

Source: Baldwin, J. (1882). The story of siegfried

The Foreword
The author explains the Icelandic and Germanic background of the tale of Siegfried, and how he added his own flavor to it.
Adventure 1: “Mimer, the Master”
Siegfried apprentices with Mimer, and while there forges a great sword and hears tales of his ancestors.
Adventure 2: “Greyfell”
Siegfried visits Gripir and finds Greyfell.
Adventure 3: “The Curse of Gold”
Regin tells his story, and Siegfried agrees to go with him to get the treasure.
Adventure 4: “Fafnir, the Dragon”
Siegfried confronts the dragon and deals with Regin’s madness.
Adventure 5: “In Aegir’s Kingdom”
Bragi tells Siegfried the story of Aegir.
Adventure 6: “Brunhild”
Siegfried awakens a princess.
Adventure 7: “In Nibelungen Land”
How Siegfried becomes lord of Nibelungen.
Adventure 8: “Siegfried’s Welcome Home”
Siegfried returns home and everyone feasts.
Adventure 9: “The Journey to Burgundy-Land”
Siegfried goes to Burgundy.
Adventure 10: “Kriemhild’s Dream”
A princess dreams of her husband-to-be and his death.
Adventure 11: “How the Spring-Time Came”
The May-Queen tells a story.
Adventure 12: “The War With the North-Kings”
How Siegfried turned war into feasting.
Adventure 13: “The Story of Balder”
A young sea-king tells a story.
Adventure 14: “How Gunther Outwitted Brunhild”
Gunther outwits Brunhild.
Adventure 15: “In Nibelungen Land Again”
Siegfried returns to Nibelungen, and Alberich tells a tale.
Adventure 16: “How Brunhild Was Welcomed Home”
Brunhild is welcomed home.
Adventure 17: “How Siegfried Lived in Nibelungen Land”
Siegfried’s life in Nibelungen.
Adventure 18: “How the Mischief Began to Brew”
The queens begin to question and trouble begins to brew.
Adventure 19: “How They Hunted in the Odenwald”
How the hunt ended badly.
Adventure 20: “How the Hoard Was Brought to Burgundy”
The fate of Siegfried’s treasure.
The After Word
A final note from Baldwin regarding how he constructed his Story of Siegfried.
  • Year Published: 1882
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: Iceland
  • Readability:
    • Flesch–Kincaid Level: 6.0
  • Word Count: 77,694
  • Genre: Epic
  • Keywords: 20th century literature, american literature, folk tales
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