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Chapter 17

by Bram Stoker

The Harkers join forces with the others. They share all that they know, and discover more information about Dracula’s connections with the area and plans for the future.

The Red Badge of Courage

Chapter 15

by Stephen Crane

As Henry marches with Wilson he remembers the letters Wilson gave him before the first battle. Henry uses the letters to rationalize his retreat. Henry returns the letters to Wilson.

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court

Chapter 42: “WAR!”

by Mark Twain

Clarence reveals to the Yankee about Guenever’s affair with Launcelot, the war between Arthur and Launcelot, and the temporary rule of Mordred (who placed an interdict of the church placed on Camelot). Launcelot and Mordred killed each other in battle and the Church reversed the entire kingdom and brought it back to the way it was. The Yankee decrees that all of the old institutions of the church will be null. Clarence gathers boys for an army.

Jane Eyre

Chapter VI

by Charlotte Brontë

On Jane’s second morning at Lowood, the girls are unable to wash, as the water in their pitchers is frozen. Jane quickly learns that life at the school is harsh. The girls are underfed, overworked, and forced to sit still during seemingly endless sermons. Still, she takes comfort in her new friendship with Helen, who impresses Jane with her expansive knowledge and her ability to patiently endure even the cruelest treatment from Miss Scatcherd. Helen tells Jane that she practices a doctrine of Christian endurance, which means loving her enemies and accepting her privation. Jane disagrees strongly with such meek tolerance of injustice, but Helen takes no heed of Jane’s arguments. Helen is self-critical only because she sometimes fails to live up to her ascetic standards: she believes that she is a poor student and chastises herself for daydreaming about her home and family when she should be concentrating on her studies.