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The Tin Woodman of Oz

Chapter 12: “Ozma and Dorothy”

by L. Frank Baum

The author introduces Dorothy and Ozma of Oz. Oz had once been a land like any other until Queen Lurine transformed it into a fairyland. Dorothy uses her magic picture and learns of the terrible fate of her friends the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. Ozma and Dorothy embark on a journey to find their friends.

The House of the Seven Gables

Chapter I: “The Old Pyncheon”

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Colonel Pyncheon helps convict the owner of a seven-gabled house (Matthew Maule) of witchcraft. At the gallows, Matthew curses and the Colonel. On the day the Colonel opens the seven-gabled mansion, he is found dead. Future generations experience unhappiness and Hepzibah (the current resident) opens a ten-cent shop.

Sense and Sensibility

Chapter XI

by Jane Austen

Mrs. Dashwood and the girls are busied with more engagements in the neighborhood than they could have expected. In all social engagements to which the Dashwoods are invited, Willoughby is invited as well; his attachment to Marianne continues to grow, but not everyone likes it.

The Go Ahead Boys and the Racing Motor-Boat

Chapter 23

by Ross Kay

The boys and Sam send the boat off to be repaired and the mechanics find nothing seriously injured. The Go Ahead Boys decide they need to keep watch on it all night and divide shifts. George sees an intruder on his shift and they all prepare themselves for the worst.