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The Grey Fairy Book

The Ogre

by Andrew Lang

A simple boy is driven into the world by his mother’s treatment of him. He meets with an ogre, who treats him well and assists him. The ogre allows him to visit his family, but his ignorance leads him into trouble twice. The third visit brings more wisdom, and the rewards that come with his new knowledge.

The Yellow Fairy Book

The Magic Ring

by Andrew Lang

Martin saves the lives of a dog and a cat and gains a magic ring. The ring wins him the hand of a princess, but she does not want to marry a poor man and has him put into a tower to starve, accused of witchcraft. But his faithful friends bring him the magic ring and food, and soon the King lets him out, and he forgives his wife.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Book Sixth, Chapter 4

by Victor Hugo

A crowd continues to gather a the Place de Gréve hoping to witness the day's punishment. The crowd assaults the deformed Quasimoto before he receives his punishment. Esmeralda fulfills a request by the injured Quasimodo. The recluse screams her disapproval from afar.