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The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 24

by Jack London

Captain Larsen's, having become more possesive of Maud, excludes the crew from his table. Interference by the captain's brother, Death, results in monetary losses for the Ghost.

The Secret Garden

Chapter 14: “A Young Rajah”

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Mary tells Martha about Colin who is worried that she may be fired for letting anyone near the ill son. Mary returns to Colin and they talk about positive thinking. When Master Craven and Mrs. Medlock enter the room, Colin tells them that he will see Mary any time he likes because she makes him feel well.

Florida: Essays and Poems

Henry M. Flagler — Empire Builder

by W. M. Walker

A profile of Henry M. Flagler published in 1925 in a Florida magazine. This profile was the first in a series called "The Ten Greatest Men of Florida," which the magazine described as a reader-requested series on the "men who had done the most toward the progress and development of Florida."


Chapter 13

by Bram Stoker

There is a funeral for the deceased. Mina and Harker have a disturbing run-in with a mysterious man in London. Children of the town are attacked by the “Bloofer Lady.”