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Tales of Terror and Mystery

“The Jew’s Breastplate”

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A museum of fine Oriental archaeology is passed to a new owner who is a close friend of the narrator. After receiving an anonymous warning letter, the museum is robbed. The letter is a warning to the new owner to have more than one guard on watch and is written in a script similar to that of the previous owner.

Main Street

Chapter 25

by Sinclair Lewis

Will feels that Carol does not appreciate him and wonders whether other women would still find him attractive. Complaining of a backache, Maud Dyer visits Will's office. Will receives an invitation from Nat Hicks. Will's relationship with Maud continues to escalate.

Jane Eyre

Chapter XI

by Charlotte Brontë

Jane’s driver is late picking her up from the station at Millcote. When she finally arrives at Thornfield it is nighttime. Although she cannot distinguish much of the house’s facade from among the shadows, she finds the interior “cosy and agreeable.” Mrs. Fairfax, a prim, elderly woman, is waiting for Jane. It turns out that Mrs. Fairfax is not, as Jane had assumed from their correspondence, the owner of Thornfield, but rather the housekeeper. Thornfield’s owner, Mr. Rochester, travels regularly and leaves much of the manor’s management to Mrs. Fairfax. Jane learns that she will be tutoring Adèle, an eight-year-old French girl whose mother was a singer and dancer. Mrs. Fairfax also tells Jane about Rochester, saying that he is an eccentric man whose family has a history of extreme and violent behavior. Suddenly, Jane hears a peal of strange, eerie laughter echoing through the house, and Mrs. Fairfax summons someone named Grace, whom she orders to make less noise and to “remember directions.” When Grace leaves, Mrs. Fairfax explains that she is a rather unbalanced and unpredictable seamstress who works in the house.