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Main Street

Chapter 17

by Sinclair Lewis

Carol proposes the formation of a drama club, eventually convincing Will to take her to Minneapolis so she can watch some modern plays. Carol enjoys herself in the city, but finds that her unrefined husband is having trouble adapting to city life.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 9

by Emily Brontë

In a fit of rage Hindley throws Hareton over the balcony, fortunately Heathcliff is there to catch him. Catherine agrees to marry Edgar and tells Nelly, Heathcliff overhears their conversation and leaves Wuthering Heights for three years. Upset when Heathcliff leaves Catherine waits out in the rain for him, catches a fever, and almost dies; during her recovery Mr. and Mrs. Linton catch her fever and they both die. Catherine and Edgar marry three years after their death, and Nelly moves to Thrushcross Grange with them.