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Main Street

Chapter 3

by Sinclair Lewis

Carol and Will travel to Gopher Prairie by train, following their marriage. Carol observes the other passengers as the travels, feeling that she could help improve their lives. After great anticipation, Carol arrives in Gopher Prairie.


Chapter 33

by Sinclair Lewis

A sudden illness brings Myra and George closer. George receives another invitation to join the Good Citizen's League.

Beyond the City

Chapter IV: “A Sister’s Secret”

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Charles Westmacott is in the care of his aunt because his parents were killed in the Mutiny. Clara and Charles have been talking and as Clara leaves she sees her sister conversing with Harold Denver. Clara presses Ida to tell her what happened between them, but Ida will not allow herself to be looked after. Clara has placed herself in the role of a mother to Ida and cares for her future.

The Secret Garden

Chapter 14: “A Young Rajah”

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Mary tells Martha about Colin who is worried that she may be fired for letting anyone near the ill son. Mary returns to Colin and they talk about positive thinking. When Master Craven and Mrs. Medlock enter the room, Colin tells them that he will see Mary any time he likes because she makes him feel well.