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The Invisible Man

Chapter 19

by H.G. Wells

The Invisible Man reveals his true identity. Griffin and Dr. Kemp discuss the finer points of invisibility. (London, England; Pearson's Magazine, 1897)

The Outdoor Girls in Florida

Chapter XIII: "A Strange Tow"

by Laura Lee Hope

The girls ask Mr. Belton for assitance in finding Will. He agrees to help if he can, but progress is slow. The girls spend many happy days exploring the orange groves and the lake. One day they decide to travel farther up the river for a nice picnic. All is well, until the boat begins to travel away, towed by some unseen force.

Main Street

Chapter 31

by Sinclair Lewis

A late night visit from Erik, causes rumors to spread about Carol. While discussing the current situation in Gopher Prairie, Vida discloses her prior relationship with Will to Carol. Carol's discomfort continues to grow.

Ethan Frome

Chapter 1

by Edith Wharton

A younger Ethan Frome walks the streets of Starkfield stopping at a dance in the community church. Ethan quietly watches Mattie.