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The Jungle

Chapter 6

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis is told the history of his house, only to learn it is neither new or bought at a fair price. Ona and Stanislova secure jobs. Jurgis and Ona begin planning for their wedding.

The Jungle

Chapter 13

by Upton Sinclair

Elzibieta's youngest son passes away. Jurgis accepts a job at the fertilizer factory, suffering from physical illness almost immediately. Elzbieta finds work so her remaining sons can return to school.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 12

by Emily Brontë

Catherine, delirious from not eating for three days, talks about her childhood with Heathcliff. When Edgar sees the terrible shape Catherine is in, he scolds Nelly for not calling him sooner; when the doctor arrives he predicts that Catherine will not survive her illness. While this is going on, Isabella runs away with Heathcliff.


Chapter 5

by Sinclair Lewis

George continues to admire Zenith as he prepares for lunch at the Athletic Club. Reluctantly, George acknowledges his feeling of discontent to Riesling.

Oliver Twist

Chapter 53: And Last.

by Charles Dickens

Oliver receives a share of what is his, while Monks comes to a fitting end. Mr. Brownlow, now legal guardian of Oliver, Mr. Losberne, and Mr. Grimwig stay close to Oliver's new family.

Crime and Punishment

Part 5, Chapter 5

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Lebeziatnikov and Raskolnikov discuss Katerina's health as Sonia goes to check on her. Sonia finds a barely coherent Katerina overcome by her physical illness. Svidrigailov offers to take care of all funeral arrangements.

Main Street

Chapter 4

by Sinclair Lewis

After taking a look around, Carol is unnerved by the stature and state of the buildings in Gopher Prairie. Bea Sorensen's tour of Gopher Prairie leaves her awestruck.

The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 2

by Jack London

Humphrey awakens to find himself aboard the Ghost, a seal-hunter headed for Japan. The cook, Thomas Mugridge, explains the current situation aboard ship.

The Jungle

Chapter 11

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis learns of the "Beef Trust". A harsh winter falls on the city, once again taking a toll on Jurgis and his family. Jurgis misses work after spraining his ankle.